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Ascending to the highest peaks of performance takes time, dedication, and skill. Whether a hobbyist, trainer, or professional athlete, the formula is the same. However, the higher the peaks, the greater the physical demands are on the animal. Apparent natural physical limits are reached, putting the goal of peak performance out of reach. Summit Joint Performance can put you and your horse or dog back on track to view the world from the SUMMIT.


“We have seen a great improvement in our horse’s way of movement and elasticity.”

McLain W.
McLain Ward, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist


“Summit has been nothing short of a miracle for my older dog.”

Johna B.


“Summit has improved the lives of my dogs.”

Patrick A.

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Summit Joint Supplement

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The Summit Solution

Summit Joint Performance® is the purest form of Chondroitin 4 Sulfate ever developed. It is a naturally derived, low molecular weight, compound and is the most effective and safest Chondroitin product available on the market today. Summit was developed by doctors and scientists for use in human corneal transplant surgeries. Later it was discovered to have incredible effects on the joints of horses when delivered via intramuscular injection.