PEMF – What To Expect

What to expect during and after therapy

How Does a Typical PEMF Therapy Session Go?

What To Expect From Your PEMF Session

We provide therapy using a Pulse Certified/Pulse Equine system, which is the premier PEMF equipment on the market. This system can accommodate almost ANY body, whether it be for a human, equine or canine. It can even pulse more than one body at a time, so humans can get sessions at the same time as their animals do! Accompanying the main machine are a group of accessories that are placed under, on or around various areas of the body to administer the pulsed electromagnetic energy into the body’s 100 trillion cells. This process is called cellular exercise. While it may sound scary, we assure you that it is a relaxing, pleasurable process!

During the process of cellular exercise, the cells relax and expand. This allows the cell walls to open up, much like a wiffle ball. As the wall opens, the PEMF energy removes dangerous toxins from the cell. This enables the body to detoxify itself, which is absolutely necessary to begin any healing or rejuvenating process. Cellular exercise also pumps the cell with vital oxygen and nutrients. Did you know that diseased tissue cannot thrive in oxygen-rich environments? That’s why providing oxygen is so critical to the healing process. The body CAN heal itself. It CAN perform at its fullest potential. It just has to be cleaned up and given the critical energy it needs to rebuild and enhance itself!

After PEMF: What To Expect

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