Our Story

Our mission is to use PEMF technology to promote optimal health and
performance in our clients’ bodies – whether they are animal or human.

A message from our founder.

Following a tragic horse-riding accident as a child, I suffered a severe concussion and almost broke my neck, an injury that was mere millimeters short of rendering me paralyzed…forever.

Fortunately, I regained mobility but suffered decades of crippling pain with no effective solution to live my fullest life. In an attempt to combat my daily suffering, I explored every avenue to health. Over-the-counter and prescription medication only treated my SYMPTOMS instead of addressing the SOURCE of my body’s healing capabilities. In other words, those avenues didn’t help me long-term. I felt lost, disillusioned; I was hopeless. I was the definition of walking dead. 

That’s when I discovered the revolutionary abilities of this PEMF technology – a force that had been harnessed by the likes of NASA and proven medical doctors worldwide – for more than half of a century. 

Through utilizing the seemingly-miraculous abilities of this technology, my life changed for the better. I can now navigate my days with clarity; I have more energy, optimism, and my pain levels grossly decreased or have entirely dissipated. My performance as an athlete has been ignited. I’m reaching goals that I never thought were possible. Better yet, I noticed that the health of animals and people around me were improving – and I was hooked. 

My goal is to upgrade the life experience of every body that I touch using this amazing technology – whether they are 2-or 4-legged. If I was given the privilege to heal on a cellular level – why couldn’t our precious animals be awarded the same opportunity?

After all, is their health and life experience not supremely valuable? And, does their ability to lead their fullest life not ultimately affect us – on an emotional, psychological, and even financial level? They are our FAMILY members. In some cases, they are our livelihood. How can we go through the sacrifices of training and vet expenses, only to witness the results of their pain and limited physical capability?

The answer to THAT question, friends, is why I founded Life Pulse Therapy. Because we, as humans, determine our own success only through the maximized health of the animals in our lives. They give their all to us each day…but what can we give back to them? The unprecedented results of PEMF gives them an opportunity, gives them a voice, to live and perform at levels we never thought possible.

As long as a heart is beating – there is energy. As long as there is improved energy – there is the opportunity… to multiply that force within. When that force is multiplied – the possibility for results are amplified.

I will not stop my mission until I can improve the health and performance of every body I touch. I seek to mobilize the wellness euphoria that is in each one of us. That is the value Life Pulse Therapy brings –  a life that aligns us with our fullest potential.

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