Frequently Asked Questions

What does PEMF stand for?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

What does it do?

Think of PEMF therapy as a total body battery recharger. It creates a magnetic field around the body, while charging every cell with electricity. This charging process is called cellular exercise.

When cellular exercise occurs, two things begin to take place:

  1. It allows harmful toxins to come out of the cells, and eventually leave the body.
  2. It allows for oxygen and nutrients to enter the cell.
So what does this mean to you or your pet?
  • It means that the body may be ignited to heal and repair itself!
  • Increases circulation and heart health
  • Decreases inflammation, which is the underlying cause of all bodily dysfunctions
  • It also can greatly enhance energy and athletic performance
  • Decrease or sometimes eliminate pain
  • Get deep, rejuvenating sleep
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Feel younger, stronger, and more flexible
  • And MUCH more!
What do you treat?

Although we don’t seek to diagnose, treat or cure any specific condition, if cells in any tissue have the ability to detox and regenerate themselves, then health and wellness can be greatly improved over time. So no matter what injury, age or health condition, EVERY body can benefit from PEMF, no matter if they’re animal or human.

Does it hurt?

No. In fact, most humans and animals LOVE getting PEMF therapy. It is common to become relaxed and experience a very strong sense of wellbeing as you feel a pleasant pulsing sensation.

Are there side effects?

There are no side effects other than temporary detoxification, which is a positive, naturally occurring process. You have to detox the cell to get well. So removing toxins from the body is critical to allowing it to heal itself and maximize athletic performance.

Who is ineligible for PEMF?

We do not perform sessions on pregnant females, those with active bleeding, or implanted electronic metal devices.

How many treatments are necessary?

While any amount of this therapy is beneficial, the number of sessions needed is based on the individual health or performance goals of the client. However, clients with health challenges, injury, or poor nutritional choices may need more charging time because their cells use the new energy quicker. The length of time that positive effects last after a session indicates how healthy a body’s battery life is. The more cellular exercise is done, the better the results a body gets. Think of it this way: if you’re out of shape and go to the gym for physical exercise, your results will only get better the more you do and how consistently you do it. Just as going to the gym once a week isn’t as effective as doing it on consecutive or alternative days, the same concept applies to PEMF therapy. The therapy charges cells with energy and recharged cells that are newly replenished repair tissue more effectively if their charge isn’t drained again. Consistent cellular exercise helps the cells to maintain their charge. That is why we offer multi-session packages and a membership program for maintenance. We know that once our clients experience how amazing they feel and that they’re performing at championship levels, they’re hooked!

How long does each session take?

Typically, we recommend 30-minute sessions for dogs, cats and other small animals, and 60-90 minute sessions for horses, livestock and humans. But cases may vary.

How long until I see results on me or my animal?

Most clients feel at least some positive result after their first session. Others will notice a difference after their third session. Every client is unique. But the therapy has a cumulative positive effect on the body, so the more PEMF they experience, the better they tend to feel and perform.

How do you treat them?

During this session, you or your animal will be placed on or under the accessories of the electrical machine, and a pleasant, pulsing sensation will be felt. This is what cellular exercise feels like.

The electrical force is highly intelligent, and therefore, you may experience more of a pulsing sensation in areas of the body that are weakest and therefore need a stronger charge. In addition to whole-body pulsing, these accessories will be moved around and placed in different positions, depending on the areas or issues of concern. In most cases, animals and people LOVE receiving PEMF and you’ll notice a strong sense of wellbeing as the process takes place.

Is this credible? What is the research?

There are more than 10,000 scientific papers and 2,000 double-blind studies published about the effects of PEMF. It is widely used and endorsed by the most reputable health and science organizations in the world, such as NASA, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic. There are numerous articles and studies published by them, as well as on PubMed. In 2015, it was also featured on the Dr. Oz Show where he called it “a revolutionary cure for pain”.

Where can I learn more about this?

In addition to the articles posted by the elite medical institutions listed above, feel free to visit the YouTube channels of our PEMF vendor, Pulse Centers/Pulse Equine.

Pulse Center’s Youtube

Pulse Equine’s Youtube

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