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Why PEMF Therapy?

  • Optimize overall wellness, non-invasively
  • Accelerate the body’s rejuvenating ability
  • Reduce, if not eliminate, discomfort
  • Improve immunity
  • Boost energy and vitality
  • Greatly improve athlete performance
  • Assist with muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Sharpen mental clarity
  • Stimulate bone and healthy tissue growth
  • Improve circulation and heart health
  • Adjunct to support postoperative swelling and discomfort
  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Support general relaxation  
  • And MUCH more!

What is PEMF?

Pulsed Elctromagnetic Field Technology is a “whole body battery recharger”. It is a gentle, revolutionary wellness modality that recharges cells, increasing oxygenation, enhancing circulation, promoting hydration, facilitating detoxification, and facilitates an overall absorption of nutrients. It’s like putting little “jumper cables” on the body’s cells and “jump-starting” them back to health.

PEMF pulses electricity (energy) into the body’s cells, which stimulates and exercises them. This process is called cellular exercise, which encourages the release of toxins and the intake of nutrients. It may generate natural cellular energy to support the body’s optimal abilities.

Cells with a high electrical charge are healthy and full of life, whereas low-charged cells are associated with pain, dysfunction, and disease. So if cells are the basic building blocks of life, what better place to start improving everyone’s health and performance than PEMF therapy?

The body is self-healing, self-regulating and self-regenerating, and PEMF helps facilitate those exciting processes. Our clients feel better than ever!

What Does the Research Say?

There are over 10,000 scientific papers and 2,000 double blind-studies that have been published about the positive effects of PEMF.


Doctor Oz

No pills, no surgery, Doctor Oz shows that medicine can be improved upon by using PEMF therapy. From neck pain to arthritis, this kind of therapy using energy waves to touch upon our cells can aid us and ease us from what pain we feel. While this magnetic therapy may sound like science fiction, Doctor Oz assures us alongside Doctor Dillard that this kind of therapy – beyond being approved by the FDA – is a revolutionary process for the medical world.

Doctor Brad Watts

Listen to Dr. Brad Watts as he discusses how PEMF works and how it affects the body. Dr. Watts is a functional medicine provider and a practitioner of clinical nutrition and the current director of clinical applications for Biogenetics. From cellular detoxification to how diseases being related to low electrical voltage, Dr. Watts provides us with just how revolutionary PEMF therapy can be for us.

Tammy Yost-Wildin

Tammy Yost-Wildin has seen it all when it comes to injuries. After giving up and believing there are no solutions to her injuries, she found PEMF! After her first time being treated, she knew she needed to bring this technology into her own home for her dog and stallion. Whether she is treating humans, equine, or canines, results are always astonishing. Listen to her story to learn more!

Ask the Experts

What if you could harness this powerful force inside of you to feel better, sleep longer, and most miraculous of all, ease your chronic aches and pains? That’s the promise of magnetic therapy, which uses the power of magnetic energy to redirect electrical impulses to the areas where you feel pain, so relief and feeling can begin.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

You can think of PEMF therapy as a “whole body battery recharger”. By using PEMF therapy…you recharge your 100 trillion cells, improving ATP production, increasing oxygenation, enhancing circulation, promoting hydration, facilitating detoxification, and gaining a better overall absorption of nutrients. It’s like putting little “tiny jumper cables” on all your cells and “jump-starting” them back to health.

Bryant A. Meyers

B.S., M.A., Physics

If you’re going to beat the epidemic of neurotoxins that we are all exposed to today, you’ve got to get to the cell.

Dr. Daniel Pompa

Author and Global Leader in the Health and Wellness Industry